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Client Testimonials

A Smooth Condo Purchase!

“Steve was extremely professional, pleasant , efficient  and went above and beyond to get me a good rate. Since mortgage jargon can be overwhelming, Steve explained each step thoroughly and with absolute patience (ensuring that I understood everything). Thanks to Steve working alongside my real estate lawyer the entire process was completed painlessly and quickly. Extremely happy with the service that I received and would return without any hesitation. I highly recommend this pleasant and professional individual – Steve Tallo."

Lorraine G. – October 2017




"Steve went above and beyond to help us with our Mortgage refinance.  He is very knowledgeable, responsive and thorough.  You can count on Steve to look out for your best interest.  I highly recommend calling Steve for all your mortgage needs."

S.D.  July 2017


Such an awesome experience with Steve! 

"Steve went above and beyond our expectations.  Always available to listen and to guide through all aspects of the financing process!  You couldn’t ask for a better mortgage broker”



"Alisha, it is such a pleasure for me to arrange your financing for your first home where your kids will be next to their school.  Congratulations to you and your family!"


"Absolutely the Best!!!  Honest, Caring and Efficient.  He keeps the client informed and searches out the best plan for their situation.  I highly recommend him for a new mortgage, refinancing and any other questions or needs."
Mary Anne Murphy, January 2017.
"Mary Anne's feedback means so much to me as it comes from one of the most respected and professional real estate representatives in the industry."

Steve Tallo


An Exceptional First Time Home Buyer Experience with Steve Tallo

"I first approached Steve Tallo with Oriana Financial to begin considering the purchase of my first home.

My parents referred me to Steve after the success and savings with their mortgage. Steve’s knowledge and experience in this industry took all the pressure off of me as a first time homebuyer as I felt comfortable to put my full trust in him. Steve also has a great app available for download. This app helped me prepare and understand what I would be able to afford and how to get to my goal to becoming a first time homeowner.

Steve made sure my needs were a priority and was always there to answer a trail of questions I had and never made me feel like I was inconveniencing him. He made my first time purchase a breeze and made sure I received all the knowledge about the industry to make an educated decision on my purchase. The approach Steve took was more personal ensuring all aspects of my mortgage were in place. As a whole my experience was exceptional. I would recommend Steve Tallo with Oriana Financial to anyone looking for a hassle free home buying experience. Being able to put rest assured and know Steve was taking care of every aspect of my mortgage was such a relief."



November 2016


"We have been dealing with several Mortgage Financing companies since 1983 and this is what we can say from the service you provided to us recently.

It is second to none as far as the quality, promptness, professionalism and customer service we received from you!   You have elevated what excellent customer service really meant to a higher level. 

We will definitely put in a good word for you among our family members and friends who need this type of service.

CP and MP
August 2016


Steve Helped Me!
"Steve has been working as my mortgage agent for months, due to a long legal separation.

During this difficult time for me, Steve has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to successfully obtain the best mortgage for my needs.

His efforts have produced high quality results, and I am now the proud owner of my house. My situation was difficult and as a result it took a long time to obtain all documentation necessary to obtain full legal rights to refinance, and was a major undertaking, requiring a great deal of thought and efforts on Steve’s behalf.

His patience and perseverance has allowed to be promptly ready to move forward when all legal documentation came through for the refinancing.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Steve Tallo as a really great Mortgage Agent.


D.A -
August 2016

Good afternoon Steve and Mary Anne:

This email is a thank you for all your help in securing our new home and saying good bye to our old one.

The cheque cleared a few moments ago and we now have a zero balance on our lines of credit.

Your efficient and professional services were the way all business transactions should occur.


W & L - August 2016

Note:  Mary Anne is the real estate representative

Mortgage Refinance

Steve Tallo is a client of mine, in small talk it came up that I was refinancing my mortgage and this is when Steve gave me his card. A couple months went by as I was unsure of what I was doing. Steve assured me that this was a a great decision and would help clear up some of my personal debt as well as free up money to re-invest into rrsp's. Not knowing anything about refinancing, tax’s or rrsp’s I had my personal accountant review everything Steve had sent me for a second opinion. My accountant assured me that all the information was correct and gave me the go ahead to move forward. Steve took care of everything and the refinance closed without a hitch. The ease of business was refreshing. Thank you Steve.

Julie Famme

Surpassed Our Expectations!

"Working with Steve surpassed our expectations! He not only took the time to get to know us, he took the time needed to fully explain our options and guide us in an appropriate direction with ease and comfort. Steve put us on the "right track" and provided us with the tools to make our refinancing a success!"

D.J.  August 2015

Knows His Stuff!

"For several years we had a mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit with one of the big Banks, and thought we were getting the best financing available. Steve quickly assessed our situation and presented options to consolidate debt, improve our monthly cash flow, and he was able to secure a better rate. I was impressed with his professional and no-pressure approach, and that he took the time to make sure we understood the options and our before and after position. In the end, we feel confident that we now have the right mortgage solution for us, not merely some cookie-cutter product. Steve goes out of his way to understand his clients' needs and provides exceptional customer service. I highly recommend him for his ability to simplify the numbers, his professionalism and excellent service."

D.T.  September 2015

It's Not All About A Rate!

"Our mortgage term came up for renewal recently and my wife and I planned to deal with our bank directly.  I decided to opt for the services of a mortgage broker.  A friend referred us to Steve Tallo of Oriana Financial. 

Steve assessed our complicated mortgage situation right away and stressed the need to refinance and provided us with a plan and effective ‘what if’ scenarios.  He actively listened to us with respect to our wants and needs, but also focused on the bigger picture in terms of long term guidance and having us consider a well balanced approach to the mortgage but also investments, RRSPs, RESPs and life insurance.  Steve obtained for us a competitive interest rate and kept us informed through-out the entire process and continued to support us even when the mortgage financing was arranged.   He gave us complete peace of mind.

It is not all about rate.  Our bank only offered to renew our mortgage but Steve collapsed all debt into our new mortgage with the refinancing; the improvement to our monthly cash flow is significant. We are very comfortable with the new arrangements and Steve has been a great ‘advisor’ and not just a broker. His customer service and level of support have been stellar.   I highly recommend Steve and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Thanks Steve."


June 2015   


2 YEAR 3.29%

3 YEAR 3.39%

4 YEAR 3.59%

5 YEAR 3.19%*

5 YEAR Variable 2.50%*

Updated April 9th, 2018
*Special conditions apply. Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

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